Mother E

Mother's Day Deal - Mindful Self-Care Kit

  • Mother's Day Deal - Mindful Self-Care Kit

Mother E

Mother's Day Deal - Mindful Self-Care Kit

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Limited Time Mother’s Day Deal - Mindful Self-care Kit

The Mother E Mindful Self-care Kit contains 8 unique essential oil blends, lovingly crafted to cultivate mindful self-care. In addition, receive four weekly emails, full of ideas and tips on how to use the blends to support you in reducing stress, balancing your energy, focusing your mind, and living your life to the fullest.

We know how hard you work to care for your world; this kit is designed to help you take care of you. Because when you’re filled up from the inside out, you can’t help but be a light in your world!

We are excited to offer this deal exclusively for Mother’s Day, but it won’t last long!

For a limited time, save $55 on the 8-bottle kit! Your kit contains the following:

THE ELEMENTS COLLECTION - 4 15 mL 100% pure essential oil blends - VALUE - $75


THE ENHANCERS COLLECTION - 4 10 mL pure essential oils, blended with Fractionated Coconut Oil in Roll-on bottles for easy application. - VALUE - $55


ONLY $75 for a limited time!

PLUS 4 weekly emails with loads of tips on simple self-care so you can feel your best every day!

How to Use:

Diffuse THE ELEMENTS blends every day to ground, balance, focus, and energize. Use the Mother E Diffuser or simply hold bottle to nose and sniff several times throughout the day.

Carry THE ENHANCERS in your car or bag, and roll on wrists and neck several times daily to remind you of what you want to cultivate in your life:  pure love, real hope, deep gratitude, and true joy. Roll on, Relax, Repeat!

Look for weekly emails for the next 4 weeks giving you lots of simple ideas to infuse your day with relaxation, balance, and self-love. You deserve it!