Bryn works for herself. She’s a freelance consultant, a yoga teacher, and she travels frequently. It’s a lot to juggle, and she often feels overwhelmed, scattered, and ungrounded.


“I'm constantly moving, and it's easy to feel unbalanced,” she says. “I’d always been interested in essential oils, but never had the time to figure out which might work for me.” When a girlfriend recommended Mother E’s ELEMENTS COLLECTION, inspired by Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, Bryn decided to give the oils a try.


She loves having something to reach for that immediately helps her find her center no matter in what time zone she finds herself. The roll-on function of her ELEMENTS COLLECTION allows for quick application on the go. “I especially love EARTH::GROUNDING,” Bryn smiles. “I use it in my yoga classes!”


Bryn's Favorite Blends

Mother E The Elixirs Collection Essential Oils Blends box of standard bottles
WATER::BALANCE From $16.95
Mother E The Enhancers Collection Essential Oils Blends box of standard bottles
AIR::FOCUS From $16.95
FIRE::PASSION From $16.95