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Reconnect with Mother E to find peace, harmony, balance, beauty, and joy!

I recently spent a year living in a tiny little cabin in the mountains. Honestly, I often times get teary, because I miss it so dearly. You see, nature has always had a tender spot in my heart, but living 24/7 wrapped in the arms of Mother Earth was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

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From the sound of the babbling creek running through the front yard, to the majestic mountainside the back of the cabin nestled into, and the sights-sounds-smells of nature all around me, I fell so deeply in-love with Mother Nature during my year there. She's the greatest healer for me and the healing balm that soothes my soul. 

Since moving from my little cabin in the woods, I've found ways to stay connected with Mother Nature wherever I may go. Connecting with her brings me so much peace, healing, stillness, grounding, and rejuvenation.

I found her in the whisper of the wind, the sound of rushing waters, the rocks and dirt beneath my feet, the sweet fragrance of flowers and trees, and in the starry heavens. The most beautiful part of it is, she's available to all of us and is yearning to fill us with her love.

I recently found a company called Mother E Essential Oils, which I'm so excited to share with you. Mother E has a beautiful collection of oils and the line in particular that helps me stay connected to Mother Earth is called the Elements Collection.

I'm in awe at how they've been able to capture the fragrance of the mountains, the moving air of the ocean breeze, the smell that rises off of rushing water, and notes of aromas that wafted from the fire place at the cabin all last winter. Mother E did it! It's SO amazing and so simple to use, all bottled up for you and me to take with us on all of life's adventures.

Connection with the Earth . . . It's what empowers us. It's what sustains us as humans. That's why every oil in THE ELEMENTS COLLECTION works to bring harmony and alignment into your life using the power of Earth, Water, Air and fire. Crafted with the four elements in mind, these oils serve as a guide to connect you with yourself and Mother Earth.

When I go on walks with my dogs, I've also been able to find hidden gems all around my new home: a nature garden, a dry creek, and a quiet grotto at a nearby church. I also love being active outdoors, like going on hikes, snowshoeing or skiing, and start gazing- just to name a few. Staying connected to Mother Nature is easy by finding ways to enjoy time in nature and using the Elements Collection.

Reconnect with Mother E and feel the love of Mother Nature enrich and rejuvenate your life.

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