How I Chose My Favorite Essential Oils Brand. . . Mother E

Let’s face it. There are a LOT of essential oils companies out there.  It can make a person crazy trying to sort through all the information on the internet about essential oils. And, who has time for that any way?! Honestly, I have better things to do with my time.

That said, I’m a firm believer in the healing power of nature, alternative health, and the avoidance of synthetic chemicals when at all possible. I’ve used essential oils for years to support my physical, mental and emotional well-being, and I rarely go a day without them. I’ve used oils from a number of essential oil companies over the years, but it isn’t easy to sort through the information to choose a good quality product and honest company, and know how to select and use them.


When I stumbled across Mother E Essential Oils, I knew I’d found something different. I totally resonated with this company. Below, check out five reasons Mother E is now my essential oils brand of choice:

  1. I love the core of Mother E, which is all about celebrating the healing power of nature and helping people to reconnect with nature, self, and others. Think about it; when do you get stressed out and anxious about life? It’s usually when you are not connected or present with yourself or the world around you, right?! Worried about the past or the future? I love how they have formulated their pure essential oil blends to help me reconnect and to remind me to appreciate all that is important in my life!

  2. Second, and probably even more importantly, quality and purity are everything to me. There are a ton of companies out there that dilute their essential oils, adulterate them with foreign ingredients, and even synthesize the product to cut down on costs. Not Mother E! After looking into their sourcing practices more closely, I learned that they have direct sources with small farms around the world. They disclose all ingredients, and except for a little vanilla absolute in their TRUE JOY and some Fractionated Coconut Oil in their roll-ons for convenient topical use, their products are 100% pure essential oils. They conduct thorough, cruelty-free testing of each batch of essential oil. You can even request certificates of authenticity for each of their products, as well as safety data sheets.

  3. Don’t just take my word for their quality and purity as a company. Quality and integrity is so important to Mother E, that when they started the company, they immediately became a pending certified bcorporation - committed to integrity and business as a force of good. There are now over 2,000 companies that are fully bcorporation certified, and I think this is the only way to do business right!

  4. They aren’t MLM (multi-level marketing), which means significantly lower prices for premium-quality products since they aren’t paying multiple levels of commissions. Plus, they put their customers first, instead of distributors. No huge upfront or ongoing costs, no mandatory “autoship”, and you don’t have a sponsor continually bugging you to “work the business”. Their customer service is fast and personal, and they have a friendly, family feel.

  5. Lastly, I LOVE their commitment to making the world a better place. They are members of One Percent for the Planet, contributing at least one percent of their revenue to earth-saving non-profits. Currently, they plant a tree for every bottle sold and 10 trees for each 4 bottle collection through their partnership with Trees for the Futre. They place people and planet over profits, and they really care about our Earth. This is the kind of company I want to connect with.

Oh and one more thing! They’ve done a brilliant job making essential oils accessible to all -- even new essential oil users. Their simple, functional line of single oils and proprietary blends, along with their practical 4 bottle collections, help you to take the guess work out of using essential oils. Take a look below and just click on the benefit that you want to experience using essential oils; they’ll guide you to the right collection and essential oils for you:



Don’t take my word for it! Mother E is obsessed with customer delight; they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Check them out and use my coupon code, RUTHIE10, to get 10% off your first purchase. You’ll be glad you did!


Follow this link to get 10% off your first purchase of Mother E Essential Oils.   


Ruthie Knudsen, Cooking With Ruthie Food Blogger, is a trained Chef, mom of 3, photographer,  and lover of nature and life. Learn more about Ruthie at .



Ian Francis

Quality, purity, and charity! That’s what I like to hear. You can really measure the integrity of a company by how it gives back to others and the planet. Very impressive, Mother E!


Thanks, Ruthie for sharing your story! I have always been interested in getting deeper into essential oils but have been turned off by the structure of MLM. I don’t want someone bothering me to make sales. I just want to use essential oils to relax and better my life! I’m excited that Mother E helps me easily identify which oils are best for me. I also like that Mother E is a cause driven company :)

Tati Johansen

I’ve always been interested in essential oils but was always deterred by the MLM programs. I love the honesty and purity of this brand. Not to mention the product is awesome! Love my blends… Earth::Grounding is my fav!

Megan Douglas

I didn’t know you can get a full set for just cleaning! I hate the all the chemicals now days that Im exposed to. Im never thought of using essential oils in my cleaning products. Do you have a recipe for a cleaning kitchen counters?

Emily Vergara

Thanks for the article! I had heard of Morther E before but did not know most of that information! I am glad the oils are so pure and I really loved #5 how they are giving back to the planet!

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