6 Ways Tea Tree Essential Oil Will Enhance Your Life

In this article we are quickly going to show you the wonders of tea tree essential oil, where it comes from, how to use it, and why everyone keeps raving about it.

Ancient Origins

An aboriginal man moves swiftly among the brush in the twilight of the setting Australian sun. He often comes to the grove in the evenings just before sunset, and collects pouches of leaves from the beautiful melaleuca trees. He will take them back to the village and, with enough leaves and pickings, grind and press their precious, fragrant oils out of them. Him and his people have been doing this for many generations, and with good reason. They know the purifying properties of melaleuca’s incredible oil.

In time white men would come to this aboriginal village and discover for themselves the powerful qualities of melaleuca oil- which we know as tea tree oil. British sailors, somewhere near Sydney in 1770, would find it and bring tales of its natural cleansing and healing qualities back to England.

Today, we are still living in the spirit of the Aborigines: seeking out this natural treasure for its remedies and fragrance. Tea tree oil is possibly the most powerful of the essential oils. It has a wide range of fascinating abilities, from acting as an anti-inflammatory to a natural moisturizer to an antibacterial agent.

TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL with landscape mountains and forest

Bountiful Uses

Most species of tea tree plants can be found growing indigenously on the Australian continent. In modern times, it has been grown in many places around the world- with warm enough climates. And we are lucky enough to have it around- tea tree essential oil has been used throughout time to support the healing of an incredible variety of ailments!

The ancient Australian tribes of New South Wales used the melaleuca tree’s oil for many of their remedies. They inhaled it to remedy their colds and soothe breathing problems, and also to clean their wounds. Years later during WWII the oil was held in such high regard for its medicinal use that it was added to every Australian soldier’s first aid kit.

In today’s world, tea tree is a standard for any serious essential oil collection. Its ability to be used in virtually any situation which requires anti-bacterial cleansing makes it a strong substitute for the regular anti-septics and chemical products on the market.

It’s powerful, clean, freshly scented, and like all essential oils- it’s completely natural.

Tea Tree plant leaves 

How Do I Use It?

There are so many uses for tea tree oil, in fact, that we just couldn’t fit them all into a simple, non-comprehensive list. Being able to help heal sunburns, ease earaches, and ease symptoms of chicken-pox are just some of its many great uses.

In this article, however, we have compiled 6 simple and different uses for tea tree essential oil, so you can experience its benefits, and let nature do its magic!

Tea Tree with Q-Tips


2-3 drops of oil on a cotton swab or one drop on a q-tip to gently dab break-out areas. Watch as regular use will smooth out and purify your face!


Tea tree oil is wonderful for clearing up dandruff and leaving your hair fresh, smooth, and healthy. Add 2 drops of oil per ounce of shampoo.

Soft Hair in a braid

Bad Breath

Add a couple drops to regular toothpaste on your brush, and it will clean your mouth, giving you fresher, cooler breath.


Add tea tree oil to your diffuser. That's a fresh scent WHILE you clean your air!


As an antimicrobial agent, tea tree is powerful against infections of almost every kind. Add some of this oil to water, or a carrier oil, and apply to infected area.

Household Cleaner

Mix oil with water in a glass spray bottle. It's a safe and natural way to clean most surfaces.

What more can be said? The earth continues to yield up all we need to live clean and healthy lives, and in this case we don’t need to look any further than this gift from the Earth; tea tree oil.

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