Welcome to the Mother E 30 Day Challenge!


Getting the most out of your #keepyourcoolchallenge

Hi there! We’re so glad that you joined the #keepyourcoolchallenge and, personally, I’m honored to be on this journey with you for the next 30 days and beyond. We’re keeping it simple, in the hopes that you can delve deeper into your life and what matters most to you—rather than spread you thinner and give you more to do!

Here are some tips to help you get the most from the #keepyourcoolchallenge:

  • This weekend, set an intention for the challenge, and share your intention in the comments below and/or on Instagram. Think about how it feels to “keep your cool” and what you’d like to experience through your mindful mama practice with the ELEMENTS essential oil blends.

  • Each day, follow what’s outlined on each of the four cards with presence and curiosity. You might get bored with the routine, but challenge yourself to quiet the chatter, breathe, take in the aroma, and allow yourself to connect and be nurtured.

  • Each week, while you’ll be using each oil blend daily, we’ll focus our curiosity on one specific blend (and mindfulness practice). At the beginning of the week, we’ll ask you questions and encourage you to reflect on these questions all week long. This is what we mean by going deeper, rather than spreading yourself too thin, trying to learn new concepts every day.

  • Engage with your #keepyourcoolchallenge community in whatever what you like to stay connected.
    • Weekly, we’ll update this page, which is specifically for challenge participants. Let’s get some dialogue going below in the comments to support each other and learn from one another!

    • Share your experiences on Instagram and/or Facebook! I’ll be sharing my thoughts and experiences on instatories each week, and we’ll have some surprise instagram takeovers throughout the month :) Plus, we encourage you to comment on our challenge posts to share your experiences throughout!

    • We’ll be giving away free product and prizes throughout the challenge… stay connected on social to stay in the loop.

    • Feel free to email us at support@mothere.co if you have questions or would like additional support.
Again, I appreciate your commitment to keeping your cool and being the best women and moms that you can be. The world will be a more kind and peaceful place because of it. 

Peace and blessings to you! Let the challenge begin,

Brenda President,
Mother E 


WEEK 1: 

EARTH::GROUNDING - What does it mean to be grounded?

Each morning this week, when you are using EARTH::GROUNDING in the shower, think about what it means to be grounded, present, strong, stable, and steady. What would open up for you if you could maintain this feeling all day long? At night, reflect back on your day with curiosity, rather than judgment. Notice how grounded you felt throughout the day, remembering that tomorrow you can practice again!


Click here to refresh your memory on the details of the #keepyourcool challenge.

Leave a comment below letting us know what your intention is for the #keepyourcoolchallenge. Let's do this together!



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