Week 4 #keepyourcoolchallenge - Living with Purpose and Passion

Hello mindful mama,

You made it to week #4 of the #keepyourcoolchallenge, way to go!

How did last week go for you as you put energy toward clearing your mind and focusing on what matters most?

What are your favorite blends and ways of using them? While we gave you super simple instruction cards, many of you have been sharing creative ways that you incorporate THE ELEMENTS blends into your lives. Thanks for sharing!

Week 4:  Living with purpose and passion

Red Rock Slot Canyon with sun shining through in desert


In our final week of the challenge, it’s all about purpose and passion… tapping into that which makes your heart sing. And, remembering that what you do, and more importantly, who you are each day matters!

My beautiful daughter, Haley, turned 24 last week. For those of you who know Haley, our social media manager, you know she is bold and intense and creative and, honestly, my greatest teacher. I can barely remember life before Haley. Her birthday got me thinking about the absolute miracle of being born into this life. Think about the divine miracle of birth and what it takes for each one of us to come into this world…. WOW!

To me, this is what FIRE::PASSION is all about. With bergamot, black pepper, lemon, basil, cinnamon, roman chamomile, orange, and more, this blend is about deeply tapping into how precious our lives truly are. The fact that we are here, alive and breathing, is extraordinary!

Fire Passion Essential Oil Roll on Blend on Red Rock


This week, as you breathe in the spicy, invigorating aroma of FIRE::PASSION, I hope you’ll take some time to tap into the unique miracle of YOU, acknowledging the true gift that you are to this world.

Please share your experiences on social media or in the comments below!

Have a precious week!

With gratitude,


P.S. Check out the video below to make your own invigorating body wash using FIRE::PASSION.



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